The Momentum Tech Conference is a two-day conference focused on the technology, digital, and entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan. Participants have the opportunity to interact with different startups, attend workshops, partake in hackathons, and attend keynote sessions and panel discussions. Investors, tech enthusiasts, and experts from local and global organizations engaged the audience on the latest disruptive and innovative technologies.

Nadeem Shaikh, the newly appointed President of Digital Financial Services for VEON, is a global leader, innovator, and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in the areas of technology, financial services, and has worked in private equity. At Jazz, his core focus is on developing and expanding JazzCash operations across Pakistan, which is already the largest mobile wallet with a growing subscriber base and a retail network of 80,000 strong.

During Momentum’s closing day, he took to the stage to talk about the future of digital payment services and what needs to be done in ensuring that a sustainable financial ecosystem is developed by investing in local talent in Pakistan.

Shaikh’s extensive fintech experience, including his role as Founder and CEO of Anthemis Group, a global financial services group, not only highlights his strength to identify better ways to deliver financial products to Pakistan’s almost 79% unbanked adults. He also has the knowledge to guide upcoming, local fintechs in providing services that help today’s tech-savvy customers manage their finances better.

“People need to stop talking about international financial solutions and other successful startups, and focus on writing their own local stories,” Shaikh emphasized

He emphasized on the importance of developing an all-inclusive, truly digital financial solution. The solution, according to Shaikh, lies in looking at all aspects of the customer’s life and then using technology to leapfrog the barriers that are holding the digitally excluded back. These elements combined can lead to a state of ‘Financial Wellness’ which has the tremendous potential to transform lives.

“In the end, it is not about selling a product or a service, but about building a solution to every individual’s need,” Nadeem Shaikh.

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