Sitting in the hot seat this time around is Nadeem Shaikh, President – Digital Financial Services at VEON. Nadeem talks to Aisha Sarwari, Head of Communications and Sustainability at Jazz about his ambitious plans to turn-around this sector in Pakistan. Nadeem is a global leader and entrepreneur with over 25 years’ experience in financial services and information technology. His extensive fintech experience includes his role as Founder & CEO of Anthemis Group, a global financial services group which aims to cultivate change and enhance opportunities for entrepreneurs and institutions. He also held numerous leadership positions in a wide-ranging set of startups including the Financial Planning Standards Board, Moven Enterprise, Currency Cloud, Bento for Business, Jumo World and PayPerks.

In this conversation, we discuss how Pakistan can make progress in the digital financial sector by carving out its own unique story based on global benchmarks. Nadeem emphasizes how a challenging market like Pakistan is always filled with the opportunity to scale and expand growth. Ultimately the objective is to not just grow mobile wallets but also to holistically ensure the wellbeing of Pakistanis. He believes that financial institutions in Pakistan need to be digitally relevant and locally relatable. Nadeem’s core transformation philosophy is that simple solutions can just as well provide game-changing products and services to the public at large.

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