Our next conversation is with two start-ups from the second graduating cohort of the National Incubation Center (NIC). Currently, over 70 startups have successfully graduated through this program.

“The fact that this platform gave us the playground to experiment and learn from mistakes is invaluable,”

Saniya Sadullah from Mauqa Online speaks to us about how the NIC helped them in becoming the success story that they are today.

Afterwards, we talked to Nash Muhammad. His start-up is a mobile application called “Integry” which optimizes mobile apps and executes scheduled commands. It has secured an investment of more than half a million rupees. Nash explains how his previous work experience and academic training helped him secure an investment. Another name that deserves attention is Saniya Sadullah who co-founded “Mauqa Online”. It is a start-up that connects domestic help with customers through a digital platform that is changing the labor market.

“Being in an ecosystem like this one, working with people that are within the same entrepreneurial network, it is very common for us to glide into each other and talk about some issues that are going on. You can always pull in for some help. It just takes two minutes to understand how you solve a certain problem,” says Nash Muhammad about the collaborative aspect of the NIC.

We discuss the challenges they face as start-ups and how to overcome them. We also discussed how support of the NIC and Jazzxlr8 enabled them to expand their consumer base and reach their full potential.

Enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts below!

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