Abdul Razak Dawood, Adviser for Commerce and Investment to Prime Minister Imran Khan, has encouraged entrepreneurs to participate in the first Pakistan Tech Summit happening in Istanbul, Turkey on 25-26 October. Pakistan Tech Summit is a series of international conferences organised by Ejad Labs to build bridges between Pakistan and global tech ecosystems with support from – JS Bank, RapidCompute, Hitit Software Solutions, Swyft Logistics and others. Previously, Ejad Labs hosted the event in Silicon Valley, USA and Oslo, Norway.

Interested people can request an invite at www.paktechsummit.com

The conference will be an opportunity for collaboration between both countries showcasing a high profile delegation of 150+ entrepreneurs, tech CEOs, freelancers, business houses, government officials and dignitaries from Pakistan including JS Bank Chief Digital Officer Noman Azhar, KP IT Minister Atif Khan, RapidCompute MD Imran Khan and representatives from Punjab IT Board, KP IT Board, Special Technology Zone Authority and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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