A few days back Jazz made an announcement about successfully rolling out a technology called Massive MIMO.

According to their official website – Jazz Source

This technological advancement helps enhance network capacities, benefitting customers through increased network coverage as well as higher data speeds and better user experience.

MIMO is conventionally a wireless technology that uses makes use of multiple transmitters and receivers to transfer more data at the same time while Massive MIMO takes a leap forward to supercharge MIMO with large number of transmitters and receivers (32TR, 64TR) and is regarded as a key 5G technology enabler.

Massive MIMO pushes 4G to limits comparable to 5G and is generally regarded as a 4.9G technology. A Dual-Band Massive MIMO solution is leveraging existing infrastructure and spectrum to fulfill the users’ extensive data capacity demands.

To further understand how the technology works, here is a short video that explains it:


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