ZAPTA Technologies: A Retrospective of 3 Years of Innovation and Impact

In the year 2020, a small team set out on an extraordinary mission, laying the foundation for ZAPTA Technologies, a rising star in the arena of software development. What they achieved in just three years is bound to leave you inspired!

Behind this vision, stand the remarkable trio of Nasir Ali, Khalil Ahmad, and Ateeq Ur Rehman. Their collective brainstorming and entrepreneurial spirit led to ZAPTA’s successful debut on the tech scene.

As ZAPTA celebrates its 3rd anniversary as a renowned custom software development company, we look back at its transformative journey, highlighting achievements, and future aspirations. We’ll also spotlight the significant anniversary celebrations attended by top leaders in Pakistan including CEOs and Founders who acknowledged ZAPTA’s contributions to the industry,

The Pioneering Days of ZAPTA Technologies

ZAPTA Technologies emerged through the entrepreneurial spirit of our leaders during their bachelor’s studies. It began with the ‘Baghban’ project, offering plantation services, followed by the idea of ‘BuildByBuild,’ a tech company, and later ‘Toplists,’ a website curating lists in various categories during the ERozgaar Program. These experiences, combined, paved the way for the creation of ZAPTA Technologies

A Three Years Journey of Innovation with ZAPTA Technologies

ZAPTA Technologies’ rise in the market is not only a testament to its milestones but also a reflection of the innovative products, services, and solutions it has offered. ZAPTA has a sound experience in delivering customized lifecycle solutions through Web & Mobile App Development, UI UX design, MVP Development, Quality Assurance and Dedicated Designer Services.

ZAPTA’s Rise as a Leading Software Design & Development Company

ZAPTA Technologies is currently in a robust position showcasing impressive growth, a solid market presence, and strong financial performance. Furthermore, we’ve solidified our position as a market leader and garnered significant recognition through our strategic partnerships bolstering our capabilities and market reach.

To fortify our team and ensure the delivery of the highest quality services, we established a robust HR department, aiding us in identifying top talent in the industry. We manifested market-competitive salaries, and introduced a comprehensive benefits package encompassing fuel allowances, complimentary lunches, medical coverage, extra bonuses, and more, acknowledging the impact of inflation on our employees’ well-being

Simultaneously, we expanded our facilities and introduced multiple departments including HR, Social Media, Admin, and Business Development. We also established separate technical services departments, such as UI UX Design, Business Analysis, and Development.

Our strategic approach not only improved the quality of our team and streamlined our internal processes, but also yielded significant enhancements in our operations. Furthermore, our dedication to excellence was underscored by our recognition on prominent tech platforms.

In 2022, we were honored to be named as a Leading Software Development Company in Pakistan by Clutch. We proudly received prestigious awards from Tech Behemoths as Company of the Month in Pakistan and TechBehemoths 2022 Awards Winner and also for our outstanding achievements in UX/UI Design, Custom Software Development, and Web Development services. These accolades affirmed the impact of our unwavering efforts.

In recent years, ZAPTA Technologies has inked several significant Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with educational institutions, including the University of Central Punjab, Superior University, GIFT University Gujranwala, and the National College of Business Administration & Economics. These strategic collaborations have been instrumental in strengthening industry-academia connections and providing valuable opportunities for both students and faculty in the tech sector..

Our 3rd Anniversary Highlights

On Oct 21, 2023, we celebrated our 3rd anniversary with a spectacular event graced by visionary leaders and distinguished guests including the Founder of Islam 360 app, Zahid Hussain Chipa, and Nabeel Qadeer, Founder of DirAction.

The evening recognized ZAPTA’s exceptional team and their dedication as well as the company’s significant growth, innovative strides, and positive industry impact over the past three years.

What initially began as a small team has now grown into a close-knit community of 100 employees, united in our mission to bring about positive change. Our work with foreign clients has not only strengthened our global presence but also contributed to the growth of our economy by generating valuable foreign exchange.

Looking ahead, our vision is even more ambitious. We aspire to establish new ventures worldwide, with the ultimate goal of expanding our team to encompass 50,000 members. By achieving this milestone, we can extend our support to countless more people, empowering them to pursue their dreams and passions.