In this episode, we talk to Mohammed Qazilbash, Country Head at Oxfam Pakistan. We discussed the ongoing struggles of women and how Jazz and Oxfam’s partnership can help in eradicating hurdles. This can be done through financial digital inclusion. Qazilbash speaks about the challenges, significance, and opportunities present for women in today’s digitalized world.

He believes that violence and harassment are the main issues hindering women’s potential growth. Despite women constituting nearly half of the population, they are deprived of their basic rights due to patriarchal and cultural constraints. Integrating themin the digital sector will do wonders for not only their personal lives, but also Pakistan’s economic growth.

“We are living in a digital age and it is important that it is used in the most effective way. Using digital technology and institutions like Jazz gives women access to information and opportunities. I think the work that Oxfam is currently doing with young women in rural Pakistan will be enhanced and multiplied when we work with an organization like Jazz,” Qazilbash explains how Jazz and Oxfam’s partnership can empower women.

An organization like Jazz is vital in ensuring a digitalized platform for women. Women can not only seek viable economic opportunities but also getting their voices heard by many out there who need  understand the importance of women in society.

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