Iyzil, Pakistan’s First Smart Safety, and Security Solution is on a mission to make every female feel safe, and stay safe. Iyzil guarantees to help all women and girls in different kinds of emergency situations.

What makes Iyzil different from the other Safety Apps is its top-notch 24/7 Professional Monitoring which calls within 10-15 seconds to verify the incident after triggering the Panic Alarm. The 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service bridges the gap between females and local authorities or organizations and provides additional support. It benefits the widespread female population who do not know whom to reach when they feel unsafe.

Upon triggering the in-app Panic Alarm by simply pressing the volume button 3 times or pressing an in-app Panic button or by shaking the phone (Android only), Iyzil also connects the female user with their selected Personal Responder(s).

Further, Iyzil highlights and resolves the core social concern of females in Pakistan, which is their day-to-day safety concerns. Iyzil smart app provides a sense of security and brings families and friends closer with its comprehensive safety and coordination features for safety and security at home, work, and public places — all in one Iyzil app.

Iyzil enables all females to make informed decisions about their personal safety, such as:

A Panic Alarm notifies a 24/7 Professional Monitoring Service and Responder Ring (in the Responder Ring, females can add up to 5 selected Responders) in the blink of any eye. When the female user triggers the Panic Alarm, the Responders receive the alert and precise location. In the Responder Ring, everyone can see their battery % too.

In addition, the Route management feature helps to create safe routes for the users. This smart feature allows users to send automatic periodic notifications with precise locations to their Ring Responders so the Responders like mother/father don’t have to call and ask the females about their whereabouts. They can end the route at the end of a journey and label it as Routine, Safe or Unsafe. Iyzil App will also notify the Responders if the female user deviates from Routine Route, which creates an extra safety layer for females.

The highly accurate location data and other vital information make the Incident Verification process easier for everybody. All female users have to do is trigger a Panic Alarm, report the incident in an emergency, or simply when they feel unsafe.

In summary, Iyzil ensures female safety and security with Smart features, protects their peace of mind, connects to their loved ones in case of any need, and offers 24/7 Professional Monitoring to support emergencies. The innovative safety and security app is a step towards a safe future where females can live without constant fear and
insecurity in Pakistan. Adopt Iyzil today as a user or as a responder and make all females of Pakistan ‘Feel Safe’ and ‘Stay Safe’.

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