Seeing the massive hike in global fuel prices that have badly affected the everyday office-goer, Careem has added a carpooling feature in its corporate portfolio ‘Careem for Business (C4B)’, dedicatedly catering to its corporate clientele.

The carpooling service includes a pool of cars, with one (1) pool comprising three (3) people in one (1) car. Using the feature, colleagues in one organization living in proximity will get an optimized route in their daily commute from their homes to and from offices daily.

This will enable office-goers to minimize travel and fuel costs while reaping the benefits like door-to-door pickup/drop-off, automated processing, dedicated focal person, and the safety of a hassle-free ride from the corporate fleet.

Multiple reputed organizations including Nestle, Sapphire, Packages Limited, BASF, Sadatech, Acascus, Repair Desk, etc., are already using Careem’s carpooling service.

Similarly, Careem has also introduced a full- and half-day model, which gives you access to a dedicated Captain and vehicle for 12 hours and 6 hours, respectively. In this model, customers can travel to non-active areas and take intercity rides to non-operational cities.

Additionally, Careem has introduced a feature where companies can avail all benefits of corporate services and bill directly to their colleagues instead of the BTC (bill to the company). A number of reputed companies including Power Cement, PICG, Hapag Lloyd, Salesflo, Maple Leaf, and Daraz are using this model already.

Commenting on this initiative, Feroz Jaleel, Country Head, Careem Pakistan, said, “In the current economic conditions, everyone is enduring challenging times, and it is our responsibility to eliminate some ‌woes. The newly introduced carpooling service can cause greater productivity at work, as this will help ease the burden.”

“As the name suggests, Careem will always be generous in providing relief to the masses by taking a lead in offering innovative services in the ride-hailing sector,” he added.

Careem is providing corporate services to various corporate partners including Jazz, K-Electric, Telenor, Habib Bank Limited (HBL), United Bank Limited (UBL), Haleeb Foods, and Afiniti, ultimately living up to its mission of simplifying and improving the lives of people using the service every day for their commute to and from work.

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