This episode of Conversations@Jazz brought two renowned individuals who strive to boost people’s morale and help them to go further in their careers. They are Casper ‘T Hooft and Jason Dawn who are transformational facilitators at Aberkyn. Having Casper and Jason on the show meant we were going to build awareness on how to be an efficient and effective person.

“I felt like it was very much a purpose to me”, said Casper. “Helping people grow at my previous workplace was the first step.” Casper has since helped many colleagues and people to get through the tough times or what he calls “going through life wearing a mask and trying to be a person other people expect you to be”, which he claims is not the way to stay happy.

Speaking about how positive an impact good conversations can have on people, Jason sheds light on how to turn someone’s energy into productivity. “A talk can turn things around”, he said. Jason emphasized that people these days need to have level-headed conversations, and with courage. This was also solidified by Casper’s reply to the next question about toxic relationships. “Toxic relationships bring fear into a person and fear kills creativity,” said Casper. He says it is toxic relationships that are the biggest factor in people reaching their true potential.

Experienced tips on leadership were discussed as well. They noted that good leaders create conditions for everybody to be successful and be as good as they are. “Leaders don’t have to be perfect, they just have to guide people to the right places,” said Casper.

Both the Aberkyn transformational facilitators believe Jazz has a track record that reflects their ambition in creating conditions for success. Not only was this episode a dive into these brilliant motivators’ minds, but also an experience that left leaders at Jazz yearning for more leadership trainings like these.

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