Health is wealth; this is an important lesson, especially because of the recent outbreak of the Corona Virus. This deadly virus spread so rapidly that a whole city was abandoned in an effort to keep it contained. This virus taught us that health systems needed to be connected, we need more technology-focused towards identifying and curing such diseases because when Doherty Institute found a way to grow Coronavirus, they didn’t waste a second and shared all the information back with the world paving way for a cure of this epidemic.

Technology can help greatly in Pakistan that’s why we’ve listed down the top 5 digital health apps in Pakistan that can help people because remember ‘Prevention is always better than a Cure’.

  1. FindmyDoctor

Founded in 2016, and headquartered in Karachi, FindmyDoctor offers lab tests, at-home doctor consultation, and also features ‘find a doctor in your local proximity’. There’s a ‘blood required’ feature as well that can help you find blood donors in your area. Health tips are also available and the app design and simplicity really makes it one of the best performing in-app store.

  1. Healthpass TeleDoc

Healthpass Teledoc is developed by Medicount Pvt ltd. It’s a ‘Find a Doctor’ app that helps you find available doctors within your range and also helps you book an appointment. It’s a simple and clean application that allows you to pay from your phone as well.

  1. Dawaai

Dawaai is your one-stop-shop for medicines. All the information about medicines, ordering them online, their delivery, their possible side effects and where to order them and when to refill them is available at Dawaai. Also, it gives you reminders and news about upcoming ones.  ‘Denture at Home’ is one of the features that was introduced in Pakistan by Dawaai and it also offers Lab tests at home.

  1. Pharmapedia Pakistan

Another interesting App that we’ll be talking about is “Pharmapedia Pakistan’. As the name suggests, it’s an encyclopedia of pharmacy. It contains all the information on available medicines in Pakistan, their dosages, their side effects and many more.

  1. Medical Guide App Pakistan

The last App that we’ll be discussing is the Medical Guide App Pakistan, which contains all the information that you would need about hospitals, drugs, and ambulances. It also runs offline so that you can learn about the specific drugs and medications offline, ad-free.

The digital health market of Pakistan is fairly new, to say the least. We need more applications and interconnectivity between hospitals, ambulances, pharmacies and such to drive our country towards a true Digital Health country.

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