The iOS 16 is here!

This week marked a significant milestone in iPhone history; like every year around September, Apple released a major iOS update, however, there is one feature that has caught the attention of all iOS users. The new operating system makes several welcome tweaks to existing features that further streamline things while making apps like Maps, Messages, and Mail more powerful, adding up to a better iPhone experience. What exactly is new in the iOS 16? Let’s get right into it!

Users can now edit and unsend iMessages

The game-changing feature (and one that has been demanded for years) is that iPhone users can finally unsend their iMessages. This lets you remotely delete a message you have sent, even if the recipient has already seen it. Here’s how it works:

  • Once you have sent an iMessage from your iPhone, you have 15 minutes to unsend it. Unsending your message will delete it from your phone and from any device you have sent it to (if it is an iOS 16 device)
  • To unsend a message you’ve just sent, tap and hold your finger on the message. In the menu that opens, tap Undo Send. Your message will explode into blue dust. Once it’s gone, everyone in the conversation will only see a notice saying that a message was deleted
  • This only works for iMessages which means you can’t unsend messages when texting an Android phone


Unsend emails in your iPhone’s Mail App

Most email apps give you a small grace period after you send an email, where you can unsend the email and stop it from arriving in anyone else’s inbox. This feature has finally come to the Mail App on your iPhone too. Here’s how you can unsend any email on your iPhone:

  • Open the Mail App and send out your email
  • The draft page will close, but at the bottom of the screen, you will now be able to see a small button that says Undo Send
  • The button will appear for 10 seconds. Tap it to unsend the email. The draft page reopens, letting you edit your email however you want, or just delete it. Be aware that if the 10 seconds pass without you doing anything, Undo Send will disappear and your email will send
  • While 10 seconds is the default time limit, it can be made longer through the Settings App (Go to Settings à Mail à Scroll down and select the Undo Send Delay option

Multiple Stops on Apple Maps

In case you’re ever running errands or on a long car journey, adding multiple stops onto one set of directions can be a lifesaver; with iOS 16, you can do just that! Here’s how you can plan a journey with multiple stops on Apple Maps:

  • Type in your first stop on Apple Maps in the search bar
  • Tap the blue directions icon below the location name
  • Above the list of routes, tap Add Stop
  • Use the search bar to select your next stop and get it added to your itinerary. The route will update to show you how long the entire trip will take
  • You can add up to 15 stops to a single Apple Maps trip!

Here’s to hoping Apple Maps continues to improve their interface as well; users might even stop downloading Google Maps

An exclusive iOS 16.0.01 update has also already been made available to users of the recently launched iPhone 14.

With the grand launch now behind us, we look forward to see what iOS 16 brings to the table for Apple users.