Pakistan is a country full of opportunities, with the year 2020 being slated as the year of growth. In fact, many tourism authorities across the world are placing Pakistan amongst the top destinations to visit in 2020, cementing its position as a growing economy.

As Pakistan’s economy grows, it also provides more opportunities for entrepreneurs in the country – one which people are not shying away from capitalizing upon. Pakistani freelancers, for example, are not only talented but work on better rates than any other freelancer in the world. Hence, the government has also been working tirelessly to provide a more supportive regulatory environment for entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses.

Last month, Pakistan’s Stock Exchange represented itself as one of the best markets to invest across Asia. With better processes and systems in place, entrepreneurs can easily start their businesses. The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) now registers businesses in a matter of hours.

Furthermore, entrepreneurs can also take advantage of expert consultants to help develop their logos, strategies, and content calendars at the fraction of the cost other countries charge. Hence, several companies are leveraging these cost-saving opportunities by moving their tech offices to Pakistan – saving more than three times the average.

When it comes to technology, Pakistan leads in software development, support, and automation systems. In the past two decades, Pakistan has emerged as one of the best tech-friendly countries in South Asia. With the development of technological infrastructure and the right ecosystem, startups have flourished. Techpreneurs have access to the right mentors allowing them to further grow their startups.

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Telecommunications companies in Pakistan are also focusing on creating the right ecosystems for entrepreneurs. Driving the Digital Pakistan agenda, companies like Jazz not only provide great incubation facilities such as the National Incubation Center, but are also ensuring that the country does not fall behind in the chase to become a digital society. With Jazz successfully testing 5G in the country, Pakistan became the first country in South Asia to do so.

Pakistan is a hot market for entrepreneurs. With continuously improving processes, lower running costs, and the development of a supportive regulatory ecosystem for entrepreneurs, businesses can flourish in the country. Other economic developments in the country will only further propel entrepreneurship in the country.

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