Khawateen Rozgar Services | Startup Spotlight

In this series of Startup Spotlight, we’ve got Khawateen Rozgar Services (KRS) – Pakistan’s first female hiring platform. The brainchild of Misbah Faiz, over 9000 women have used Khawateen Rozgar’s services, generating over 1.27 million PKR in income. Check out our interview with Misbah below!

  1. Where did the idea for KRS come from? Tell us about your journey so far.

Having four years of job experience, I understood the hurdles and barriers a woman has to face throughout her career. I could not see women being treated in an inappropriate manner by the men at workplaces and I knew there has to be a solution for it. Moreover, I came across various women who were looking for jobs but didn’t know where to look for jobs. My journey has not been easy belonging to KP. I have faced cultural barriers along and every day is a fight in order to move forward and keep serving people.

  1. Can you explain how KRS works?

Khawateen Rozgar Services is a Private Limited Company which works for the uplifting of stature of women and creates job opportunities by linking Khawateen with organizations and industries. An engaging platform is provided by the company for the empowerment of women and works to establish a strong connection between Women and the job market. The organizations/industries place their demand of female human resource to Khawateen Rozgar Services and the entity shortlists the best matched female human resource through a rigorous process of selection.

  1. KRS has a two-way beneficial relationship. Tell us about how it has impacted both the communities it serves and the women you employ?

The financial independence of women has enhanced and we are on a mission to improve it even further to the maximum level. The communities are able to rely on a third party for job creation and are able to discuss different matters with the team of khawateen as it is “ for the females, by the females”, therefore, in general females feel secure and happy sharing their grievances.

  1. What are some of the success stories of KRS?

We have employed an orphan, to a divorcee, to females who belong to families who cannot afford the luxurious living of today. For. More:

  1. How does KRS ensure safety of workplace environment?

There are three main pillars of Khawateen Rozgar Services:

Security: Security refers to the security of the data of females.

Safety: Safety refers to providing a safe environment to the females. We achieve this by ensuring that all the females registered with us get a job at a safe place where they do not have to face difficulties.

Quality: Quality refers to provision of the best matched female human resource to the companies, organizations and industries.

KRS ensures safety by making personal visits to the employers who decide to avail our services. The environment is evaluated on some key points set by KRS. Based on the evaluation, KRS decides if they should provide their services to the employer or not. Candidate and employer’s guidelines are also sent to candidates and employers in order to avoid any unfavorable situation. Candidates are informed to report any kind of harassment they face at workplace so that KRS can speak on their behalf. After placement process, surprise monitoring visits are also done at the employer’s office.

  1. KRS has the option to report violence. How has the response been from women? How are the cases handled?

We have partnered with different NGO’s and Advocates who offer their services at very low cost for the women. The cases are then forwarded to the concerned.

  1. How has digital technology helped shape the way for KRS?

Digital technology has been “the thing” for KRS. Digital technology has made it very easy to penetrate in other cities of Pakistan and to spread the word of KRS further. Social media has been another blessing for us.

  1. What advice do you have for young, aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women, who are just starting out?

You are going to stumble, you might fall, at times might have to crawl, but what matters is reaching the desired destination with motivation, passion and complete focus.