In this episode of Conversations@Jazz, our usual host, Aisha Sarwari, Jazz’s Director Corporate Communications and Sustainability, met two special guests who have made extraordinary journeys, Anas Niaz, CTO of Bioniks, a company manufacturing and providing prosthetic limbs, and Aaiz Mustafa, a beneficiary who has a Bioniks’ prosthetic arm.

Explaining to us the importance of prosthetic limbs in the coming future, Anas Niaz who has co-founded Bioniks, informed that over 40,000 people in Pakistan lose their limbs every year, which itself is dwarfed by the 600 million figure of disabled people within South Asia. “The future is prosthetic limbs”, said Anas.

Accompanying Anas was a young Aaiz Mustafa. “I lost my arm when I tried to reach for a sick pigeon on a high power pylon,” recalled Aaiz. His innocent act of kindness was consolidated when Aaiz received the prosthetic arm from Bioniks. “It works through the muscles. If I want to open my fist or close it, it does that,” explained Aaiz, who has started his own philanthropy through donations he has collected to get another young boy a prosthetic limb upon seeing his social media post.

“Currently, a prosthetic limb from Bioniks costs PKR 350,000,” said Anas, explaining how Bioniks has provided prosthetic limbs to 68 people within 2 years and their aim to take this initiative to a point of affordability where everyone can benefit from it.

“People should be appreciated and accepted regardless of their disabilities,” said Anas in a message to Pakistanis, while the brave Aaiz reminded people with disabilities to not be shy if they are different. To keep their focus and never be brought down.

We wish Aaiz and Bioniks all the best in their work towards providing hope to humanity!

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