“Digital Pakistan” drive started in 2018 with the introduction of Pakistan’s first Digital Policy. The focus in the dream of ‘Digital Pakistan’ is to promote connectivity, improving digital infrastructure, increasing investment in digital skills, promoting innovation, and tech. entrepreneurship.

The forum is to discuss highlight promote and keep track of “All things Digital In Pakistan”. A platform that promotes every aspect of Digital Pakistan. The future is Digital, and Pakistanis deserve an entry into this future equipped with all necessary tools and services. Digital Pakistani’s are doctors, designers, directors, bankers, chefs, strategists, students, freelancers, construction workers, journalists, news makers, policemen, lawyers, teachers, and housewives; they are all united by the need for an inclusive, affordable, and low-cost mobile devices and services to ensure digital connectivity.

Digitalization – A revolution, is redefining the way people live, interact, transact, and develop as one world. A #DigitalPakistan is a progressive and prosperous Pakistan.