Pakistan’s Information Technology (IT) sector has made measurable and quantifiable progress due to the strong focus of the present government on the growth of the IT industry and the number of IT companies increased up to 160 percent during the last three years.

The number of IT companies has increased from 1762 to 4641 during the last three years, said an official of the Ministry of Information Technology.

He further said that the telecommunication sector has also shown tremendous growth in the last years and the licenses of cellular mobile operators were awarded for a period of 15 years and while three of these licenses (Jazz, Zong, and Telenor) were due for renewal by PTA in 2019.

Sharing the achievements of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), he said that it has deposited $862.22 million with the government, receiving 50pc of total license renewal fee and first installment of the same from three CMOs.

With the amount of the second installment received from two CMOs now, the total receipts on this count have become $965.39 million, which is a landmark achievement of the federal government.

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