COVID-19 pandemic prompted insurance companies to ramp up digitalization efforts. They had the need to determine how to best meet the needs of their customers, agents, and staff with operations that are suited to the unprecedented scale of the pandemic.

Agents are often the first point of contact for customers when they need to purchase a new policy or file a claim. Therefore, it was important to prioritize support for agents to help them cope with COVID-19, to ensure that their customers receive good support. However, strict Lockdown measures and call centres being hosted at a centralized physical location made it difficult for insurance industries to ensure smooth operations that do not impact the performance of their agents and the experience provided to their customers.

MILVIK Mobile Pakistan (Private) Ltd a Swedish company that is the world’s leading low-cost insurance provider also faced the same issues. In order to remain low-cost and maintain its standards, Jazz Business offered them a solution to move the call centre to Jazz Cloud.


Jazz provided Milvik with a call center solution on Jazz Cloud accessible from any location with secured private connectivity. Having a virtual call center enabled the agents to work from home using their own laptops or devices. The company was able to restore more than 90% of its call center operations in no time. Moreover, the opportunity to work from home and choose hours that suit family needs also made insurance call center work more attractive for female workers. This solution is slated to impact between 800-2000 agents. In addition, Jazz Business also provided Milvik with Telephony and MPLS solutions.

This was especially imperative for Milvik during the lockdown during most of 2020 and 2021 as it allowed employees/agents at the call centers to work from home while Milvik operated at full capacity. The end-user faced no disruptions in contacting the call centers and were able to get tele-consultancy services in a shorter timeframe.

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