In this session of startup spotlight – we have a quick conversation with the men who created DeafTawk!

DeafTawk is a digital platform service that uses a sign language interpreter to bridge the communication gap between the deaf community and the general public in real-time.

With over 1.2 million registered persons with hearing impairment in Pakistan alone, communication with the general public is a major barrier for this community. This particularly marginalizes the deaf community. Existing solutions are limited with only 22 certified sign language interpreters in the country. Furthermore, they are only available in metropolitan cities and thus rural areas are neglected.

So how does it work?

DeafTawk provides sign language interpreters through video calling services that can also be included in the digital platform services that not many are providing. Deaf people can use these services for any purpose such as visiting hospitals, acquiring education, giving an interview for a job. As the only online sign language interpretation service in Pakistan, they are trying to solve the problems of millions of users who are the uncounted population of Pakistan.

DeafTawk works on a twin-track approach, which means on one side they provide the online solution for the connectivity of the deaf community with qualified sign language interpreters. While on the other hand, they are building the capacities of sign language interpreters for quality sign language services. Through this service, employment is generated as each interpreter is paid for his or her services.

Check out what the gentlemen who created DeafTawk think about the digital platform!




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