WhatsApp has announced some new and exciting changes to its app recently. One of the highly anticipated features include Reactions, which will now make it easier for participants in a group to share their opinions without typing anything. Additionally, WhatsApp will now allow group admins to delete messages from the group if they find them to be inappropriate, and to further enhance the group calling feature, WhatsApp will soon support up to 32 people in voice calls.

Although all these features sound really cool, what’s gotten people really excited is the extension of the file-sharing limit on the app. Announced via blog post, WhatsApp has confirmed that it will soon increase the file-sharing size to give people more convenience. The current limit for file sharing is not more than 16MB, for videos, voice messages, photos, etc. With documents, the app allows sizes up to 200MB but compared to other popular messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp is still a little inconvenient. We don’t yet have an exact date for the release of all these features, but WhatsApp has confirmed that these changes will be available after a quick beta testing very soon!

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