Gabor Kocsis is the Chief Financial Officer at Jazz. In this episode, he talks about the transformative work culture at Jazz. Gabor is a global change-maker and brings nearly two decades of experience in the financial sector. He started his career in the industry as a financial controller at Telenor Hungary. Then he worked as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). After that, he was appointed the CFO of Telenor Serbia. Prior to joining Jazz, Gabor was CFO at Kyivstar, VEON’s Ukrainian operation.

In this conversation, we discuss the important aspects of leadership: what makes or breaks a high-performing team. We also discuss distinguishing characteristics of a leader that make a team deliver results in a safe and enabling environment. Moreover, Gabor emphasizes the importance of passing on the power. This is to ensure the organization works as a single unit. His clarity on what doesn’t work as a good leadership style also helps understand why credibility, commitment to values, and a long term approach is important. He also shares his experience of living in Pakistan and how incredibly pleasant he finds being in Islamabad.

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