Krishna Kumari – Member of the Education Committee in the Senate of Pakistan talks to us about the socio-economic issues around Tharparkar, an underserved area in Pakistan. Krishna, the first Hindu Dalit woman to be elected into the Senate of Pakistan entered the political sector as a social activist to campaign for the rights of marginalized communities in the Thar region. She also campaigns for women’s rights against bonded labor. In 2018, she was named one of the 100 most influential women in the world by BBC.

In this conversation, we discuss how the education sector has been improving in Tharparkar with the spread of technology. Krishna also highlights the positive use of digitization and social media, and how she uses her phone to communicate on behalf of her people with the rest of the world. She believes in the magic of digital transformation and is a strong advocate of social media as she uses it to highlight the issues her area of Tharparkar faces. She encourages everyone to make the best possible use of the technology that is available to them and give out a positive message to the world.

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