Jazz World

If you’re a Jazz user and don’t have this app yet, you’re seriously missing out. Jazz World is the one-stop solution to all your Jazz/Warid account needs. You can now manage your account easily with a few taps. From being able to view and pay to your prepaid/postpaid bill, to being able to subscribe to different packages – you can even download your tax certificate. This app has it all. Log in with one click and understand how you’re using your data. So what are you waiting for? Click here!

Pharmapedia Pakistan 

You can access a huge drug database offline on your Android smartphone, having all the pharmaceutical brands in Pakistan. Pharmapedia Pakistan is an offline medical dictionary. The application provides detailed information regarding drugs including dosages and side effects and also provides details regarding the availability of common drugs. It can also help you find alternative medicine with the same formula. Self-medication is not suggested, you better use the medicines after doctor’s consultation.
Click Here to download the app.

Motor Registration Checker

This application enables the user to check the vehicle details including its ownership and the transfer history of vehicles registered in Punjab, KPK, and Sindh. You have to select your respective province and enter the registration number to access the data.

Motor Registration Checker provides details including chassis number, engine number, vehicle make, vehicle registration date, vehicle price, colour, token tax details and vehicle’s year of manufacture. It can be quite useful while buying a used vehicle.

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Pakistan Citizen Portal

The Pakistan Citizen Portal has won the 2nd place in the top 3 “Best mobile government applications” competing with over 4,600 entries at the World Government Summit held at Dubai.

It’s a channel via which citizens of Pakistan can easily register a complaint against provincial and federal institutions. It has been observed that the complaints are actually considered and relevant actions are taken to resolve them. For registering a complaint, you first need to log in using a valid CNIC number or passport number. It has different sections for the respective departments, ensuring the complaint can be filed to the relevant section directly.

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Shareit is an essential app for android users who have friends with iOS (all of us have some). Unfortunately, due to the stubbornness of Apple, it’s quite an issue to transfer data between Android and iOS smartphones, which has been made easy by the SHAREit app. It also has free online feeds including movies, videos, music, wallpapers, GIFs. SHAREit also has a powerful media player. It’s a must-have app. For fast data transfer, you will need a speedy data connection, Jazz Internet is the best for this purpose.

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Govt Jobs Pakistan 2019

Many job seekers have to visit various websites to search for jobs. It’s quite a time taking process to search relevant jobs on a daily basis. Govt Jobs Pakistan 2019 can help you find relevant government jobs easily. It helps you browse jobs profession wise as well as department wise. It accumulates jobs from almost all well-known NEWS papers so you don’t have to check out all of them.

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Google Maps

Google Maps is a must-have application that is pre-installed in all android smartphones. It can help you to find the shortest route of any destination. It also indicates traffic status and possible blockages in the city.

It also helps you in sharing your current location as well as live location. It requires a reliable mobile data connection to work properly. Jazz is a highly suggestable data network for reliable connection and is known for best-value packages. Click Here to get details regarding Jazz Prepaid Packages.


We can’t take scanners with us everywhere, yet we often need to send scanned documents digitally. CamScanner scans a document using phone’s back camera and lets you edit it to remove unnecessary spaces. It also allows you to edit a document to produce scanner like output, It’s quite a useful tool for students as well as professionals.

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Google Keep

Google keep is the best notepad one can have. The best thing about Google Keep is that it’s connected to your Google account and you can access it from your computer too. It’s a pre-installed app in most of the android phones so mostly you don’t even need to download it. Just log in to your google account to access your notes.

You can make a not or a list and save them in different categories. Notes an also be pinned so they will always appear on top. Another cool feature is that you can share your notes with anyone by giving them access to the specific note, they will be able to update it and view the updates made by you.

Click Here to download the app.

Islam 360

Islam 360 is a comprehensive Islamic app that can help you in many ways. It gives you a daily dose of Hadith and Quranic Verses. Displays Islamic date, Quranic words with meanings, Duas, Umrah Guidance, 99 Names of Allah, Prayer timings and so much more. It also helps you finding Qibla, for that you will need a stable internet connection. The Ookla Speed test winner Jazz has the best mobile data service Click Here to know more about its packages.

Click Here to download the app.


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  1. Thanks for adding but i think you forget another useful app which is called” Jazz Cash App” i know it’s very popular but i mentioned it here due to its latest update which is integration with Payoneer is very fruitful for freelancer and we can say, it is a great innovation in Pakistan’s digital era.

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