This year, the International Women’s Day theme was #BreakTheBias. Whether it’s intentional or unintentional, women have suffered and will continue to suffer at the hand of societal bias until we take the necessary steps to make sure we can create a level playing field.

Like every year, all the telecom operators of the country made sure that they participated in amplifying the message and showcasing their efforts in making their workplaces and the industry overall conducive to empowerment and growth for women.

In case you missed it, here is a summary of what these brands did and why they stood out from the rest of the campaigns.



Taking a different approach to the theme this year, Jazz focused on how it encourages and maintains a culture where the men step up and help break the biases that women face. Women don’t need anyone’s approval to be successful but having a supportive and encouraging environment can help greatly. A workplace that consists of men supporting women empowerment and gender equality, makes it easier for women to excel. The campaign was therefore very effective in setting an example of how men can make a difference by doing their part.

Watch the video below:

In addition to that, Jazz also announced an amazing discount offer on their digit handsets for their female customers to make digital connectivity more accessible to them. The announcement came in the form of a DVC that showcases how a digitally empowered woman can change not only herself but also her community.

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Telenor Pakistan’s campaign highlighted their female employees working in unconventional roles that just a few years ago were considered impossible for women. These women and their stories help highlight how women are taking charge of their lives and contributing to the success of the community and company. The campaign also highlighted some of its initiatives like Naya Aghaz Program which helps women return from their career break and excel in their lives.

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Zong combined the theme of #BreakTheBias with its new slogan of ‘Lets Get Digital’ by focusing on how digital empowerment can actually help in female empowerment. Women at Zong are given full opportunities to pursue their goals and unlock their potential and that, along with the company’s agenda of digital empowerment, makes these women as employees and as their customers unstoppable.

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Ufone shared stories and pledges from both their male and female employees highlighting the company’s commitment towards female empowerment. The campaign focuses on the company’s culture that provides equal opportunities, a supportive environment and empowers its female employees to do more and be more.


Let us know which campaign was your favorite and why!

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