The recent service outages faced by global customer base of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp had social media at a stand still for hours. How ever considering the social media’s norm of throwing everything out there, allowing people to express and say pretty much what ever they want, the statements that have come out so far are traditional in essence.

With not much clarity for the users, the official statements remind everyone that who ever you are, crisis comms are a classic diversion and vague statements in which end users have no clue what actually went wrong and why!

Here is what official Twitter handles had to say:

The outage comes a day after a whistleblower went on US television to reveal her identity after she leaked a trove of documents to authorities alleging the company knew its products were fueling hate and harming children’s mental health.
Frances Haugen, a 37-year-old data scientist from Iowa, has worked for companies including Google and Pinterest — but said in an interview with CBS news show “60 Minutes” that Facebook was “substantially worse” than anything she had seen before.


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