The NBP Funds is proud to be the first asset management company to launch N-Pay digital payment system for all business. N-Pay is an online payment system for corporate, institutional, and SME clients. This online payment system is directly linked to a NBP Funds mutual fund account and enables businesses to make online payments securely and efficiently via their mutual fund account through 1 link payment system in just a few clicks, while earning daily returns for their businesses. Any business linked with N-Pay can now easily make salary payments, vendor payments, utility bill payments, tax payments, and other online payments.

N-Pay leverages 1LINK payment switch to make online payments to any bank account, billing company or tax collecting entity in Pakistan. The payments are executed securely and efficiently on a real-time basis. The NBP Funds is managing over Rs18,100 crores of investors’ savings as of December 31, 2021 and has been awarded the highest achievable investment management rating of AM1 by PACRA.

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