A brief policy for Digital Pakistan’s vision for 2021 was recently released by MOIT on official platforms. The policy emphasizes the government’s ambitions to improve its citizens’ quality of life and economic well-being by ensuring the availability of accessible, affordable, reliable, universal and high-quality digital services. A key goal of Digital Pakistan Policy 2021 is to create a digital ecosystem with institutional frameworks for the rapid delivery of innovative digital services, applications and content.

The main areas of focus of the policy lie in E-Governance, E-Commerce and E-Banking, which the GOP believes will enable cross-sector socio-economic development and transformation of economic activities, governance models, social interaction, and achievement of sustainable development goals. It aims to promote E-Commerce and E-Banking by providing and enabling an environment where Payment Service Providers (PSP) and Payment Service Operators (PSO) can operate smoothly. It also aims to promote E-Governance to make Pakistan the frontrunner in good governance through IT enablement at all levels by ensuring efficiency, transparency and accountability. Additionally, it aims to generate sustainable innovation, entrepreneurship and employment opportunities for the country’s rapidly growing technology savvy and entrepreneurial youth.

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