The government of Pakistan has shared its projection to generate $500 Million by renewing Jazz license. The Ministry of IT & Telecommunications has now issued a policy directive to renew the license for Jazz. Estimated revenue of $486.2 million or 85.57 billion rupees will be generated through this license renewal as per the Federal Minister of IT & Telecom.

The license renewal is for the 900 MHz band which will be priced at $39.5 million and the 1800 MHz band priced at $31 million as per the Federal Minister. In addition to that Jazz will renew a total of 13.6 MHz in both bands. The telecom operator has the option to pay for the renewal in either US dollars or Pakistani rupees and the government of Pakistan has further made it convenient by giving them the option to pay in full or 50% at the time of renewal with the remaining amount to be paid in next 5 years in installments.

The license will be renewed for 15 years with all conditions, including quality of services, which would be carried out in accordance with the rules. Moreover, MoiTT has given instructions to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Frequency Allocation Board for license renewal, as Pakistan’s Mobile Communications Limited Jazz license expires on July 5, 2022. 

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