On Friday, as we celebrated World Earth Day it is essential for us to understand that responding to climate change is not an option anymore, in fact, there is a climate emergency that needs to be addressed. Jazz, Pakistan’s leading telecom, has committed to being a Net Zero Emitter of Carbon by 2050.

Commenting on the Earth Day commitment, Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz said, “Mobile technology has a powerful ability to support climate action. Significant impact is already being made across various sectors, including transport, agriculture, and smart cities. Jazz is uniquely positioned to support climate action within telecom and wider industries as well through digitization. The company is pursuing several initiatives focusing on energy conservation, and our pledge with GSMA is a reflection of our commitment to combat climate change for a healthier planet.”

Addressing the climate emergency, Jazz has already transitioned to a paperless company, reduced air travel, launched carpool programs, and increased the number of solar power sites. Furthermore, Jazz will be working on Circular Economy and e-waste initiatives to ensure a sustainable long-term impactful plan allowing Pakistan to contribute towards reducing carbon emissions.

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