Conversations@Jazz packs a punch in its latest episode with the Head of Marketing at Jazz – Kazim Mujtaba!

Kazim has played a key role in the transition of Jazz from Mobilink. He shares how the company went from an uptight, rigid space to one that is innovative, fresh and upbeat:

Back in the day, it was a very traditional corporate setup with several layers of hierarchy and unfortunately no open dialogue, but now I think it’s an amazing environment to work in. The culture has evolved, the people, the mindset; everything is at a different level now.

Kazim champions the motto of marketing at Jazz. Jazz keeps up with the world and wants Pakistan to keep up with the world- even the parts of Pakistan that are not that accessible. Jazz’s audience is not a specific gender or income group- and its Marketing campaigns prove that. They are sensitive, aware, and mindful.

He discusses the marketing campaign for JazzCash Bima, a product that is not nearly talked about enough. Features like life insurance and hospitalization are available on the product right now, with radical steps taken to introduce even more facilities. Moreover, the prime market of this product is middle to lower class families that do not have access to healthcare.

Kazim Mujtaba introduced a lot of firsts in the marketing game in Pakistan, we think that this interview is integral to anyone who is looking for tips on how to market effectively and sensitively.

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