WhatsApp: Full-quality uploads are finally here

It’s no secret that sharing full-quality uploads through WhatsApp is a dilemma; however, this will soon not be the case as a change has already made its way into WhatsApp’s latest beta version.

At the moment, the user has a choice between data saver, automatic, and best quality, with the latter allowing the least compressed picture quality format and not a full quality upload.

However, the beta update version will finally feature a full-quality image upload option. To do so, you will have to click on the settings icon that will appear at the top once you’ve selected an image from the gallery, and there you can select one of various photo quality options.

While the option itself is brilliant, it is essential that the user be aware that a full-quality upload will also require greater internet bandwidth, so it is recommended to use Wi-Fi if one does not want to lose significant mobile data.

According to sources, more features like view-once text messages, search options for messages by date, and voice notes as statuses may be in the works at WhatsApp.

Messenger: It’s time to fasten your safety seatbelt!

Facebook’s Messenger is finally getting its own end-to-end encryption feature —well it’s about time it did so— where only the user and noone else, not even Facebook itself, will have access to the messages.

With end-to-end encryption on board, Messenger will also see the return of some known features:

  • Chat themes, similar to Instagram’s DMs, will allow you to add personalized backgrounds to your chats, as well as static and gradient color options for your text bubbles.
  • Emoji reactions, allow you to choose from the entire set of emojis.
  • Group profile photos, to help recognize and distinguish between multiple groups
  • Link previews, allow a view of the hyperlink’s content without actually opening the hyperlink in a separate browser window or tab.
  • Active Status, enabling the user to see if someone’s using the app or when they last did so.
  • Bubbles on Android, the OG Messenger chat shortcuts hovering over your screen with your chat buddy’s profile photo.

Users should expect, as Meta states, that certain chat threads of theirs will be upgraded with the security feature, whereby the user will be notified when this happens. The timing and process of selecting these threads are completely random, but it will happen gradually over the next few months.