We are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution…

Technology is evolving exponentially, are you up to date?

If you like many others are trying to keep up, here’s a list of 12 websites that will help you learn more about developments in the Global and Pakistani Telecommunications Industry and the digital transformation taking place in our world today.


  1. GSMA
    The cutting edge layout and red and black contrasting colors of the GSMA website makes one realize they are about to delve into the digital future. Uniting 750 mobile networks from all over the world, their website provides access to state of the art reports on the mobile industry economy, AI technology and digital transformation. Whether it’s industry statistics you’re in search of or just the latest updates on the development of digital cities, GSMA has got you covered.
  2. International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
    Want to learn more about how telecommunication and technology plays a part in disaster management and emergency response? Apart from its robust statistics on information and communication technologies (ICTs), ITU is the UN agency that provides resources on the creation, delivery, and improvement of new ICTs in developing countries.
  3. Telecoms.com
    An independent platform that’s actually just fun to explore. With its array of research delivery mediums such as podcasts, webinars, news and surveys on the global telecom industry and technological advancement, you can learn more about the worldwide digital transformation. Telecoms.com also organizes the Global Telecom Awards (GLOTEL Awards) that recognizes innovation in the industry.
  4. World Economic Forum
    The World Economic Forum is one of those go-to websites that has great resources to keep yourself updated with the latest technological innovations and how they are shaping the future for a digital economy.
  5. Socialbakers
    Digitalization is transforming all facets of our life today. Socialbakers assists brands with their clever social media strategies using AI driven marketing. With clients such as Orange and Asus, they are the perfect example of how the marketing industry is being transformed. In today’s consumer-driven world where even communication has been digitalized, Socialbakers helps companies increase their consumer base through social media marketing. Moreover, they have conducted a very interesting study on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter presence of telecommunication companies. Check out their research studies on their website!
  6. Bluetext
    Ever wonder who is behind media campaigns for companies like Google, Adobe and Intel? The answer is Bluetext! Just a quick glance at their dynamic website will show you why so many Fortune 500 companies choose Bluetext for their marketing campaigns. Explore the articles on their blog and you will learn so much about how AI and digitalization are used to interact with consumers.


  1. Digital Pakistan
    The dynamic website aims to support and promote the digital journey of Pakistan. It provides informative content on the digitalization of various sectors in the country, such as healthcare, education, e-commerce, and agriculture. Moreover, the platform will also inspire the youth to become a part of the digital vision as the website and blog include very engaging content.
  2. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)
    As the regulatory body for the establishment, operation, and maintenance of the telecommunication industry, PTA’s website offers detailed information and support for its users. The website itself is easy to navigate and well organized into relevant sections for those looking for more technical information on the telecommunications industry as a whole. It provides data and research on the industry, industry support for those working in the telecommunications sector, consumer support for users of telecommunication services, policy frameworks, recommendations and annual reports of the industry.
  3. ProPakistani
    An independent news platform that publishes news on various industries such as Telecommunications, Sports, Auto, and Business. If you want to keep up with the developments taking place in the various sectors of Pakistan, then ProPakistani is the place for you.
  4. Ignite
    Innovation is what helps the economy grow. If you are someone who requires funding for a brilliant start-up idea related to 4th industrial wave technology, then explore your funding options at Ignite! Their user-friendly website will provide you with information related to the network of incubation centers, investors, training, and mentorship.
  5. National Incubation Center (NIC)
    The NIC is a ground-breaking collaboration between the private sector and the public sector. It aims to build and influence an ecosystem to generate a positive economic and social impact. Their website presents the incubation program, tracks start-ups currently engaged within the program, introduces founders, partners, and mentors involved as well as providing quick facts on events and news. It is an exciting and engaging space for aspiring entrepreneurs and all those interested in learning about and participating in this ecosystem.
  6. Bramerz
    Bramerz, winner of the ‘Best in Social Media-IT’ award at the 2015 and 2017 P@sha ICT Awards has shown immense technological innovation as a digital media agency. Their vision incorporates the digital transformation in the marketing industry and embraces it. Not only do they provide admirable services, but their website also describes their successful campaigns such as Pakistan Super League and Nescafe Basement in great detail, making it a great source to learn from.

Hope these websites prove to be enlightening on your digital journey. If you have any website recommendations that we could add to the list, please let us know in the comments below and of course like, subscribe and share!

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