Aamir Ibrahim has been the CEO of Jazz since 2016, Pakistan’s largest telecom and Internet company with over 55 million subscribers and one of the country’s largest businesses. He is also a member of the Global Executive Committee of VEON, Amsterdam-based sixth largest telecom operator in the world. Mr. Ibrahim received his Bachelors in Business (Accounting) from The University of Texas at Austin. He also holds an MBA from IMD in Switzerland and an AMP Diploma from the Harvard Business School.


As we celebrate our 25th anniversary of connecting Pakistan, I wanted to share my reflections on this inspiring journey. From its entrepreneurial roots in a small office in Lahore to becoming the leading consumer brand – Jazz is much more than a large company. It is an institution and a mindset as well. Jazz has served tens of millions of customers over the years, helped build strong business partners, connected people, businesses, and communities, and taken the country forward. And in the process become a talent and management factory spawning its employees across industries and continents where they continue to do great work and inspire more leaders.

We have come a long way since August 1994 when the first digital call was made on our network; our momentous merger with Warid (2016), setting up of first National Incubation Center (2017), building the largest digital financial services through JazzCash (2018); winning Ookla speed test awards time and again (2019), leading the Net Promoter Scores, are some of the key milestones from the recent past.

Today, Jazz is not only the leading telco with the widest 2G coverage, the largest 3G customer base, and the fastest 4G network, it is also a fully integrated digital lifestyle partner where millions of Pakistanis conduct financial transactions, watch TV, listen to music and buy insurance. By focusing on the customers evolving needs we have become one of the largest companies in the country and more importantly one of the largest contributors to the national exchequer (via taxes, license fees, etc.). It’s both an honor and a huge responsibility to work in such a company.

Neither the success nor the accolades would have been possible without the employees (past and present) or it’s innovative, truthful, and collaborative work culture.  I would like to thank you for your commitment and for building this culture at Jazz and the broader industry. Your hard work, ingenuity, and passion have helped us deliver very strong quarters, yet this industry is constantly being disrupted at an unprecedented pace. So I do worry and warn against complacency.   I believe we are well-positioned to help transform Pakistan into a #DigitalPakistan, but only if we remain humble and hungry.

As someone who started his career at Mobilink (now Jazz) in 1994, I feel immense pride reflecting upon this amazing journey. Twenty-five years from now, one of you could be the CEO of this company. Think about your journey and what would you like the company to achieve in the years to come.

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