Month: June 2020

  • Investing in Revolutionary Technology | Conversations@Jazz

    Investing in Revolutionary Technology | Conversations@Jazz

    In this episode of Conversations @ Jazz, we were virtually joined by Asra Nadeem, the first female Pakistani venture capitalist and angel investor. As the vice president of DraperU, an accelerated entrepreneurship school based in California, USA, Asra is a vivid motivational and inspirational speaker who has spoken around the world. Having started her career…

  • Jazz’s Frontline Heroes | Conversations@Jazz

    Jazz’s Frontline Heroes | Conversations@Jazz

    We hope you’re staying home and staying safe. In this episode, we bring you a delightful and inspiring conversation with the light-hearted soul, Khalid Shahzad, Chief Technology Officer at Jazz, about how his team has stood firm and held their standards as high as ever in the difficult recent weeks. In the past few weeks,…